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Giecz on the Discovery Channel Giecz is so far the only archaeological site in Poland filmed for the Discovery Channel. The unique 11th c. crypt, cemetery site and our Field School comprise an episode of the television series „Ancient Clues: Modern Discoveries in Forensic Archaeology” which will be broadcast on Discovery International and Discovery Canada in 2005.
Ancient Clues” is a science documentary series that reveals new evidence from ancient human remains and attempts to piece together mysterious clues and disclose astounding stories of life and death in the remote past. Among other sites filmed for this series is Sweden's Visby, Turkey's Catalhoüyük and Gordion, Italy's Pisa as well as sites in Belize and Honduras, China and Egipt.

Although very absorbing, making the show was also a lot of fun. One of our students even became a film star playing the priest living in the pastor's house in the 1970s in one of the dramatizations.
Here's a collection of pictures from the production.

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Giecz museum; Tara, Wojtek, Andre
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Giecz museum; Tara, Andre, Wojtek
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Getting the equipment ready; behind, Kinga ready to make a drawing
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Filming Teresa
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Teresa hypnotized by the camera; Andre, the camera's master
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Teresa and the camera in the crypt
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Setting up a camera crane; behind, the gate through which the priest fled
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... the smoke is coming out
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The priest is fleeing the HAUNTED house
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After fleeing FOR the 23 rd time the priest finally gets thirsty...
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