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The Slavia Summer Field School in Archaeology began in 1998 in the Lednica region as a joint project of scholars from Adam Mickiewicz University, First Piasts Museum and Slavia Foundation. From the start the project was directed to international students seeking archaeological adventure in Poland. It initially offered experience in the Lednica region which included excavation of a medieval, wooden bridge abutment on Ostrów Lednicki island as well as a medieval cemetery in Dziekanowice.

In the year 2000 the project moved to Giecz starting salvage excavations at the medieval cemetery adjacent to the remains of a local, medieval stronghold. The primary focus on exploration of medieval burials and the variety of related issues in physical anthropology resulted in the new definition of the School's specialization. The main area of instruction offered to the students have become human osteology and mortuary archaeology and the school was re-named as the International Slavia Field School In Mortuary Archaeology (also known as the „Slavia Project”). Also the team has become international joined by scholars from Ohio State University, USA.

From 2008 the Slavia Project has become responsible for rescue excavations at the endangered archaeological site of Drawsko. The archaeological works are carried out under the name of the International Slavia Field School In Mortuary Archaeology following all its procedures. This project is a joint effort of researchers from the Museum of Czarnków, Slavia Foundation, Adam Mickiewicz University, State University of New York at Oneonta and numerous international students taking part in the School activities.

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