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Season 2022 — Travel Info

Where you will be

Gać is located in Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), some 32 km (20 miles) north from the city of Poznań. The region preserves the flavour of ancient Poland with its rustic landscape, fields, forests and lakes abundant with wildlife.

Gać Google Map
How to get to Poland

Your travel destination is Poznań. Although there are no direct overseas connections to Poznań, you can get there in a variety of ways. You can take a flight from many cities in the US and Canada to Warsaw or other destinations in Europe: Frankfurt, London, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen all of which have connections to Poznań. You can fly to Berlin and take a train to Poznań. It is a 3 hour journey.

Pick-up and drop-off days

The Field School provides transportation from Poznań to Gać and back during the days of arrival and departure.

Session 1:
Monday, June 27 pick-up
Wednesday, July 20 drop-off

Session 2:
Thursday, July 21 pick-up
Saturday, August 13 drop-off
Room and Board

Field School students stay in a local school complex adapted to the needs of an archaeological expedition. The available buildings provide sleeping rooms, a kitchen, bathroom/showers & toilet facilities, laboratory/lecture room and a gym. Food (3 meals a day) is prepared according to traditional Polish culinary recipes and delivered to the housing facilities. Vegetarians will be accommodated.

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