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Season 2019 — Basic Info

Giecz is located in central Wielkopolska some 40 km (approx. 24 miles) south-east of Poznań. Google map

Your destination point is Poznań. Although there are no direct overseas connections to Poznań you can get there in a variety of ways. You can take a flight from many cities in the US and Canada to Warsaw or other destinations in Europe: Frankfurt, London, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen all of which have connections to Poznań. You can fly to Berlin and take a train to Poznań. It is a 3 hour ride. You will be picked up in Poznan and transfered to Giecz (around 1 hour drive).

Giecz Field School students stay in a local school complex adapted to the needs of an archaeological expedition. The available buildings provide sleeping rooms, a kitchen, bathroom/showers & toilet facilities, laboratory/lecture room. Food (3 meals a day) is prepared according to traditional Polish culinary recipes and delivered to the housing facilities. Vegetarians will be accommodated.

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